How to plant your seed paper label

Once you've finished burning your beautiful candle, simply follow these instructions and give your ceramic pot a new life, keeping it out of landfill:

1) Prepare your pot. To remove any remaining wax and the wicks at the bottom, add some boiling water, and leave for a couple of minutes. The wicks can then easily be removed with a spoon and the pot washed with warm water and soap. 

2) Soak your seed paper in water for 24 hours and fill your pot with soil. Add your seed paper and cover with a thin layer of soil so that the seed paper is completely covered.


3) Put your pot in a sunny place and keep the paper moist until the first sprouts appear, then water as needed. Note: remember that the seeds and sprouts will be delicate so be gentle when pouring water (we recommend using a spray)!

4) Enjoy the process of being present, nurturing and watching your beautiful wildflowers grow!

Share your candles, plantlings and flowers using the hashtag #glowthengrow - we'd love to see!

Common Questions:

What is seed paper?

Plantable paper is special handmade paper embedded with wildflower seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, wildflowers will grow.

What seeds are inside the paper?

Our seed paper labels contain the highest-quality mix of Non-GMO wildflower seeds.  The wildflower seed blend includes these species:

  • Bird's Eye - Annual
  • Clarkia - Annual
  • Black Eyed Susan - Perennial
  • Catchfly - Annual
  • Snapdragon - Annual
  • Sweet Alyssum - Annual

What is the seed paper made from? Is it tree-free?

Our seed-paper is 100% made from donated post-consumer materials, mostly sourced from schools and businesses to help save trees and reduce waste sent to landfills!

Can I plant the paper all year round?

Yes, it can be planted indoors year-round near a window that gets lots of sunlight!


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  • Cool concept and nice resulting products.

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