Reusable and waste-free

When creating nawasté, it was our intention to produce a candle collection that was different to anything out there. Using the same jars that we’ve all seen before just wasn’t going to cut it and moreover, we wanted their design to be special enough to become a permanent part of your home, rather than end up in the bin. Our minimalist ceramic vessels are not only unique in their design but once you’ve finished burning your candle, they can repurposed as plant pots. And it’s the unique element of a plantable seed-paper cover that makes this transition super easy.

Embedded with a variety of six non-GMO flower seeds, all you need to do is wash your empty pot and fill it with soil, plant the candle cover, water each day and watch in delight as the wildflowers begin to grow. From candle to flowers, it’s our aim to keep the joy alive for longer whilst also solving the question of “what to do with my candle container once it is empty?”

Bringing this unique concept to life was certainly a more time consuming, expensive and logistically complicated way of creating a collection. But we believe that it’s the extra effort that goes on behind the scenes, that shows up in the final beautiful products we created from scratch.

Our packaging also reflects the mission to reduce waste as much as possible, by never using plastic and packing only eco-friendly materials. Every single candle is hand-poured in very small batches and are sold through our website or at selected retail stores across EU.



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  • Cool concept and nice resulting products. 😀

    David Rainey

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